Studio Liz was founded in 2007 as an independent production company.

The projects of Studio Liz began with a speech about Venice and Veneto which brought us during the years to face reflections and works that overstepped the original venetian borders.

We produce documentaries with the aim to make people aware that  a video is an instrument of cultural promotion.

We are also active in the production of commercial videos for companies, events and communication projects. When we develop this type of service we like to formulate our offer with a producer reflection before a technical one.

Our videos are all another history!


Videos tell stories

but unlike what happens with digital or paper projects, to tell through images and to write a great story you not only need a good narrator but also a good producer.


  • Internet traffic generated by videos 78% 78%
  • Use of videos in companies marketing 60% 60%
  • Video marketing rises sales 46% 46%
  • Efficacy of indexing with videos 53% 53%

 We listen to the client

We take care of pre-production to empathize with the clients, to assess their expectations and to understand their needs.

We study the strategy

An effective video has to combine different formal aspects in addition to technical ones: before working on the how we work on the why.


We offer a perspective

We identify a style and a language to tell the story in the simplest and most efficient way, only then we will turn on the cameras.


Not only one video but a series of video, because like every story, also videos require structure and consistency to be efficient.

Elia Romanelli

Elia Romanelli


Are you thinking about a video?

Don’t you know how to realize it? We can offer you a solution: test us with a preventive!

Elisa Pajer

Elisa Pajer


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